The Separation of Screens and Mental States

I am exhausted from the cross-platform-ness of everything. Once upon a time, my life, and maybe even yours, used to have a phone, an mp3 player, a desktop, a gaming console, and finally, a television. We used a phone to text and call. We used an mp3 player to listen to music. We used a […]

Equivalent Arrays

If you’re taking Jerry Waxman’s 211 course on C++, a required course for anyone majoring in Computer Science at Queens College-CUNY, the following is the second homework problem. The problem here asks you to write out a function that will take two arrays of the same size and determine whether or not they are “shift […]

Where’s The Struggle?

Honestly, you don’t learn without first struggling with what you want to learn. I realized this the other day when I was wondering why I suck in my C++ class.  I have perfect scores on my projects, but my midterm scores say otherwise.   That’s when this epiphany came, I had perfect scores because I […]